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VACC Members

Street Image Accident Repair Centre, have been an active member of the VACC for over 37 years. So our VACC Brand displayed on our premises & website will give you confidence & peace of mind, from the Auto Industry’s most recognised professional group.

Why is VACC Membership Needed?

Simply, the motor vehicle has changed.

Major changes have occurred in vehicle electronics, management systems, power trains and body technologies, but most importantly the automotive industry has changed.

The way vehicles are marketed, sold, maintained and serviced today requires a higher level of expertise and professionalism than ever before.

Surety is provided through our business we undertake annual training and continually up skill and improve our company to meet these challenges.

As a customer, you are our most important asset, that is why, as a VACC Member we are committed.

We meet a stringent set of standards to display the VACC Brand.

The standards include:

  • Customer service
  • Qualifications
  • Presentation of premises
  • Equipment levels
  • Annual training
  • Staff, OHS and Environmental

As a VACC Member we are continually evolving and to ensure we move with the times and advances in the automotive industry.


VACC Accredited

As a VACC Member of which we are a part of, and are committed to providing you a better quality experience across all stages of your motor vehicle ownership.

You can trust that your repair needs will be met by us as knowledgeable, qualified professionals, fully supported by VACC’s 95 years of industry experience.

We are contractually bound to customer service, equipment and ongoing training standards; ensuring that our business displays the VACC brand and are well placed to provide exceptional levels of service.